New gym equipment

We are delighted to report the exciting news that after Easter Sherborne Sports Centre will be updating all Cardio Vascular equipment in the gym and replacing all 13 indoor cycles.   Life Fitness will be supplying us with new treadmills, summit trainers (arc trainers), stair-climbers (steppers), cross-trainers, Concept II rowers and both upright and recumbent bikes.

Summit Trainer (right): The Integrity Series Summit Trainer offers a totally new way to train. User-defined stride lengths and five training positions make it easy to control the intensity and target various muscle groups for personalized workouts that can easily evolve with your goals.

Cross Trainer (left): The Activate Series elliptical cross-trainer allows you to enjoy an intense cardio workout that is also low-impact. The smooth, total-body motion burns more calories with less perceived exertion.

Stair Climber (right): The ergonomically designed, self-powered Integrity Series Stairclimber is made for devoted steppers and variety-seekers alike, who will be delighted by the added variety.

 Indoor bikes

Biomechanically designed and user-tested to ensure a comfortable yet effective workout. Quality construction provides long-lasting durability ride after ride. Lifecycle GX has the most in demand features and a bold rear flywheel design that spins like no other!

These bikes will be used for our popular indoor cycling classes and for our newly introduced “Easy Rider” classes, which are less demanding and more suitable for the older person or somebody wishing to build up to the more intense classes.

This is an exciting time for the centre, and we look forward to being able to show you around.