Don’t just take our word for it.  Here are some stories to inspire…

Martin – Rehabilitation programme…

MartinMartin joined the Sports Centre in July 2013, shortly after suffering serious injuries from a motorbike accident, which included multiple fractures to his right leg and complete blindness. Determined to improve his condition, Martin started attending twice weekly 1 to 1 training sessions, with our GP referral consultant. His main objectives were to improve his general fitness and mobilisation of all his joints. During the past three years he has seen measureable improvement in his strength, fitness and general mobility. His current sessions now include left leg isolation strengthening exercises on a static bike and upper body management using three fixed resistance machines. Martin is constantly striving to achieve his new objectives in life and his positivity and joyful attitude make him a valuable member of our GP Referral scheme and a pleasure to have around the Sports Centre.

Doreen – GP Referral programme…

DoreenDoreen, 81 joined the Sports Centre in early 2015 after developing severe balance issues, which were starting to cause her safety concerns. After an initial consultation with the GP Referral specialist, she began a twice weekly structured and tailor made programme to combat these difficulties.

Within six months her balance and wellbeing had improved so dramatically that she was able to join the “move to improve” class on a Tuesday 1:15-2pm. This seated exercise class proved to be the perfect complement to Doreen’s fitness regime, as she was able to progress with similar ability people in a friendly social atmosphere.

In her own words Doreen has said “the encouragement and friendliness of the staff has invoked a sense of achievement and I really enjoy the effort, and look forward to the next session. My moods have changed from being inward looking to outward and I have every hope that my strength and overall health will continue to improve. The nearness of the Centre is such an advantage and I have taken to it like a duck to water!”

Gary – Weight loss programme…

Think trying to lose weight is a waste of time…?  Tell that to our Sept 2012 Member of the Month Gary Payne. Gary came to us weighing 21st 6lb, within 4 months he had lost 6st 6lb. Not only is his waist measurement down from 56” to 38”. His chest size came down from 48” to 42” and he says his energy levels are up 70%!


I’ve never felt better. Not only do I feel fitter and healthier, I feel so much more confident in everyday life.”  Gary told us that his secret to success is a mixture of sensible nutrition and regular exercise.

 May 2012

  September 2012

I had to change my diet. I was eating over 4000 calories and doing little, if any exercise before joining the centre. It’s a really nice atmosphere down here and all the staff are very knowledgeable. Whenever I’m in need of advice about health, fitness or nutrition they are always happy to help.

For help and advice, speak to any of our qualified instructors.  Click here for personal training.

Roger – Chronic health programme…

Roger came to us seeking help in a different way back in November 2011.  He came with a big heart and some seriously damaged lungs, but luckily he also brought the drive to improve his quality of life!  Starting off with some very light cycling and walking Roger at first managed at most a 10 minute workout (broken down into burst of 60-90 seconds). His muscular strength was next to nothing and doing even the most basic exercises left him breathless and fatigued.
Roger did however push himself very hard and was always inquisitive with regards to his workout in the gym. To say that he is “a character” doesn’t quite seem to go far enough. Roger now trains for two hours a week with his wife who pushes him all the way, and we are all very proud of what Roger has achieved. He is a credit to himself and all other sufferers of C.O.P.D (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease)

His story can be seen in the video below commissioned by the NHS highlighting preventative health care.