Starting Thursday 5th April – 6-7pm with Debbie

Thursdays has historically been Pilates night however from the 5th April this will be changing… as Debbie Knight will be taking over this session and is introducing a new and exciting addition to the Sports Centre timetable. We are calling it “The Thursday Triple Combo!

The class will consist of 3 x 20 minutes sessions of the following three disciplines: Tabata Abs, Power Stretch & Traditional mat-based Pilates.

Tabata abs training – is a unique interval class of high intensity “Ab block work” exercises. Each set is done for 20 seconds (followed by a 10 second rest period). This is repeated 7 or 8 times. Two or three total blocks are then performed in each class.

Power Stretch– combining elements of Fitness Yoga and Evolutionary Pilates to target the whole body in a series of stretch and strength exercises.

Traditional mat-based Pilates – will increase core stability strength, improve your posture and is adaptable to many fitness levels and needs. I am sure this new introduction to the centre timetable will be very popular, and will add a new and exciting element to any fitness regime.

The class is remaining at it’s already very competitive price of just £4 an hour, so please come and give it a go!

For more information then please call us on 01935 810548 or email