Starting this October, we’ll be bringing you 4 brand new classes. Whether you prefer to run your way into shape, take a plunge, hit the slopes or simply want to dance away the calories, there’s something for everyone!

New freestyle session mashing up Dance, Zumba and Clubbercise, for a total body blitz in one unique ‘pumping’ workout.

(Starts Monday 6th October)



Whether you run recreationally, competitively or are simply training for an event, these sessions aim to help improve all aspects of your running. Sprints, fartlek, intervals, distance, bleep tests, core strength and circuit based exercises are all included, to make you the next Mo Farah of the Centre.

(Starts Tuesday 7th October)

SwimmingSWIM FIT
A challenging yet enjoyable class for the recreational swimmer who wants to improve techniques, speed and endurance, and for the ‘Weekend Warrior’ who’s seeking improvement for triathlon or swimming competitions. *All strokes will be developed but the ability to swim lengths using front crawl is a pre-requisite.

(Starts Wednesday 1st October)

Skiing this winter? Then get fit for it with our new 8 week course. Balance your leg strength with core stability exercises, whilst improving your aerobic fitness and get a head start on the snow. The class is designed to get everybody fit for the slopes but will also benefit non skiers.

(Starts Monday 13th October- 1st December)


Pump up the Jam- Mondays 6- 7pm
Run Fit- Tuesdays 6- 7pm
Swim Fit- Wednesdays 7.15- 8pm
Ski Fit- Mondays 6- 6.45pm (8 week course- paid up front)